Community Corrections is a system of local boards and programs that provide community placement and supervision as a cost-effective alternative to prison for individuals convicted of a less serious felony offense.  These programs also serve individuals on parole or transitioning from prison. Each person admitted to community corrections must meet established criteria and be approved by an appointed board of local officials and citizens. El Paso County’s 4th Judicial District has a board which contracts with programs to provide rehabilitative services to their clients and to closely supervise and monitor their activities. The Board also undertakes related duties including auditing of program performance and client outcomes.

The Community Corrections program provides a cost effective alternative to prison for appropriate offenders. Staff Supports a local Community Corrections Board which determines the safe placement of offenders within approved community correction facilities.

Community corrections boards and programs are established by legislation and are accountable to the Colorado legislature through the Division of Criminal Justice, Department of Public Safety. Public safety, rehabilitation of offenders and reduction of recidivism are primary goals of the community corrections system. Community corrections placement costs significantly less than incarceration while assuring public safety and preparing individuals for a crime-free lifestyle.   The Community Corrections Program operates under C.R.S. 17-27-101, et seq., to provide courts, State Department of Corrections, and the State Board of Parole with more flexibility and a broader range of correctional options for offenders while ensuring public safety.

The Program supports the Community Corrections Board and facilitates the screening process for offenders being referred for placement and management of State funds and fiscal records. It also provides planning, policy, and program operations and development, and serves as the County’s contract agent. The Program offers legislative review and analysis, and acts as the research and evaluation unit for community corrections.


The Program also supports the Juvenile Community Review Board, facilitating the screening of juvenile offenders being referred for community placement. The Board of County Commissioners appoints members to this board.

The board reviews placement of youth committed to the Colorado State Department of Human Services in residential community placements within El Paso County. This Board may either approve or disapprove these placements.

Prior to placement the Board reviews information, that the Department of Human Services provides for them.

This Board operates under 19-2-210, Colorado Revised Statutes.

JCRB Policies and Procedures (2005)

JCRB Amended Bylaws (August 2015)

Community Corrections Contacts:

Scot Smith
Community Corrections Program Manager
(719) 520-6987

Megan Neilus
Community Corrections Specialist
(719) 520-6795

Lexi Jeffries
Community Corrections Administrative Tech

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