The Pretrial Services Program supports community safety efforts by providing accurate information to the judicial system for release decisions and structured supervision of defendants while on pretrial status. The Pretrial Services Program accomplishes this in two primary ways:

a. Interview and investigate individuals who qualify for Personal Recognizance Bonds (PR Bonds) and provide the information to the judicial officers who make a determination to release the individual from custody. Program staff provide supervision to help ensure the individual attends scheduled court appearances and does not re-offend while out on PR Bond.

b. Provide compliance monitoring to individuals who have been released from custody on PR Bond with conditions that may include drug and alcohol testing.

For additional information, please contact Dawn Montoya, PR Bond Commissioner at (719) 520-7070 or or fax: (719) 520-6696.


Due to COVID19, court appearances may be in person or through WebEx. Defendants need to contact the division clerk assigned to their case(s) in order to verify how their court appearance is schedule. Attached is a copy of the division clerks information to confirm how each court hearing is scheduled.

On Bond Call Flyer

“If you have flu like symptoms please contact your attorney or the division before appearing in court. If you are not represented by an attorney you can contact the El Paso County Courts by email at or call 719-452-5000. You may also contact your division directly by phone. “

If you need additional information that is not listed on the website, please contact:



I. What are the bond types for getting released from the Criminal Justice Center?

1. Cash Bond: Post the full bail amount in cash with the court. If you fail to appear, the bond amount is forfeited.
2. Surety Bond: A bail bond company signs a promissory note to the court for the full bail amount and charges you a fee for the service. If you fail to appear, the bond company is liable to the court for the full bail amount.
3. Personal Recognizance (PR) Bond: The court releases you on a signed agreement that you will appear in court as required. A PR bond may have a condition or multiple conditions as set forth by the judge.

II. How do I pay my Pretrial Service Administration Fee?

By accepting a Personal Recognizance (PR) Bond and participating in the Pretrial Services Program, supervised PR Bonds defendants agree to comply with all court ordered conditions, Pretrial Services Program requirements, and must pay the $55 Pretrial Services Administration Fee. Please complete the form (Pretrial Services Administration Fee Collection Information) and mail the form and the $55 fee payable to El Paso County – Pretrial Services (check or money order only – do not send cash) postmarked within 96 hours of release.

III. If I have the public defender represent me at advisement; will they still be my attorney when I’m released from custody?

You will have to contact the public defender’s office once released to complete any necessary paperwork. If you qualify for a public defender, one will be appointed to you. Questions can be directed to the Public Defender’s Office at (719) 475-1235.

IV. Where do I go if I am ordered to test with Pretrial Services?

Pretrial Services provides free court ordered testing service through El Paso County Public Health. Their location is 1675 West Garden of The Gods Road, Suite 2044. Once you have completed an intake, you will be provided a unique calling code and required to call in daily (1-800-494-1250). If you are scheduled to test on the day you call you are to report to El Paso County Public Health. Testing times for the El Paso County Public Health are from 07:30 AM to 12:30 PM only.

V. What do I do if I am ordered to test, but can’t make it during the hours of operation for the El Paso County Public Health?

You must complete your court ordered test on the day you are scheduled. You may go to an alternate testing location of your choosing. Attached is a list of some of these testing agencies. All fees charged by this alternate testing will be your responsibility to pay. Proof of the testing must be provided to Pretrial Services within twenty-four hours. If results are sent to a lab, you must provide these results to Pretrial Services within seven business days. Proof of testing and test results can be sent to Pretrial Services by email ( or by fax (719-520-6696).
List of Alternate Testing Locations