FC Trail and Creek

Fountain Creek Nature Center Audio Tour – Stop 8 – Chilcott Ditch

Is this part of the creek? Why is it dry sometimes?

Listen to hear the history and purpose of this water feature.


How fast is the water flowing under the bridge? Is there any water flow at all? This is Chilcott Irrigation Ditch. The ditch diverts a portion of the water from Fountain Creek to irrigate farmland south of here. The ditch is about 9 1/2 miles long. Its original construction was completed in 1866. The ditch was expanded in 1874 to irrigate 3000 acres of farmland. Chilcott Ditch is still used for irrigation today. Historically farmers grew sugar beets, alfalfa, bluestem hay, apples, cherries, plums, cabbage, beans, and potatoes in the Fountain Valley. The farmer who owns the most water rights can open or close the head gate to control the amount of water that gets diverted from Fountain Creek into the ditch. The head gate is located here, in Fountain Creek Regional Park hike north on the regional trail running parallel to the ditch and you will come to Fountain Creek and the beginning of Chilcott Ditch.