You Can Make a Difference in Our Community and in Our Parks!

2019 Partners in the Park Honored by Parks Board

The Partners in the Park program was created in 2009 to provide financial support for a respective County park, trail or nature center. This program has brought in $212,000, which is used exclusively for El Paso County Parks; to preserve open space, sustain park amenities and to ensure ongoing sustainability for a specific park. All donations are tax deductible.

2019 Partners in the Park include:

  • Robert & Ellen Hostetler support Fox Run Regional Park. The Hostetlers are founding partners and have supported Fox Run Regional Park since 2009.
  • GE Johnson Construction Company supports Bear Creek Regional Park. GE Johnson has been a valuable partner supporting Bear Creek Regional Park for the past four years. GE Johnson also constructed a new bridge in the Bear Creek Regional Park in 2013 at no cost to the County.
  • Heuberger Motors, Subaru supports Bear Creek Dog Park and Fox Run Dog Park. Heuberger Motors has supported the Bear Creek Dog Park since 2010 and provided additional support for the Fox Run Dog Park starting in 2013.
  • Gold Hill Mesa is our neighborhood partner supporting the Bear Creek Nature Center for the past three years. They hosted a fundraiser for BCNC and invited us to some of their concerts this past year.
  • FedEx has supported Black Forest Regional Park since 2017.
  • Olson Plumbing and Heating is our newest partner and supports Fountain Creek Nature Center.
  • Tender Car Veterinary Center for Falcon Dog Park.

Heuberger Motors Subaru has been a Partner in the Park for eight years and supports both of the County’s dog parks.

Kyle Melvin, Lead Parks District Supervisor, said, “Their sponsorship has allowed us to complete the new fence around Bear Creek Dog Park. We’ve added 4,000 feet of fence over the last two years. And that project was completed this week. That was a major accomplishment for the dog park.”

Nathan Robinson, North District Supervisor, said, “At the Fox Run Dog Park, Partner funds were used to fix the parking lot entrance. Heavy rains eroded a 30-inch deep rut that prevented vehicles from entering.”

With some of those funds, road base was purchased to fill the and repair the entrance. “We are in the process of creating new embankments and possibly looking at alternate entrances, so we don’t have future problems with the erosion control,” Robinson said.

Heuberger also sponsored the Bear Creek Nature Centers’ Happy Trails fundraiser in 2019, which earned $11,000.

El Paso County Parks is currently looking for additional partners. If you or your company would be interested in lending your support to ongoing operations and maintenance of a favorite park, trail or nature center or just want to learn more about the Partners in the Park program, please contact Dana Nordstrom, at (719) 520-6983 or

Corporate and community partnerships are important to help us initiate new funds for the daily operations and maintenance of our parks and trails. These partnerships are also important in helping supplement the budget, but we also hope to build your trust that El Paso County has a Parks system worthy of your support.

We ask that you would please consider participating by selecting a park that reflects your location, needs, or values, as well as those of our County Park system.

All donations that El Paso County Parks receives will go toward preserving open space, providing new amenities or ensuring ongoing support for a specific park within El Paso County.

We look forward to forming a great partnership with you.

With your help, we can make our parks and trails the best in the county!

What do you receive when you become a partner:

  • We will place a sign at the park for each year you are a partner.
  • You will receive one complimentary pavilion rental at a park of your choosing.
  • A listing on the El Paso County Parks website.
  • A plaque acknowledging your generosity to be proudly displayed at your company.
  • You will receive a public thank you at a Parks Advisory Board meeting.
  • A tax deduction. (Please consult with your tax advisor.)

Your annual $5,000 gift to El Paso County will provide the funds to help keep our parks clean, safe and fun!

We appreciate your contribution and your support of El Paso County Parks

These are some of our current Partners in the Park signs, if you are interested in our Partners Program please click on the the Parks In Need of a Partner tab to see what parks are available.

Dana Nordstrom, Community Outreach Coordinator
El Paso County Community Services Department
2002 Creek Crossing
Colorado Springs, CO 80905
Phone: 719-520-6983

Partners In the Park Informational Video