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El Paso County’s parks, trails, open spaces, facilities and programs contribute to the local economy and provide numerous social and economic benefits.

Social Importance

Provide gathering places for families and social groups
Provide places for improved health and well-being that are accessible by persons of all ages and abilities
Positively reflect the quality of life and provide a sense of public pride and cohesion in our county
Parks and recreation opportunities are strongly linked to reductions in crime and reduced juvenile delinquency

Health and Wellness Benefits

Quick access to outdoor recreation
Enhanced individual health outcomes, while decreasing local health costs
Provide for happy residents and tourists

Conservation/Resiliency Benefits

Parks preserve plants and animal habitats
Parks reduce storm water by capturing rainfall
Trees produce better air quality and decrease air pollution
Parks help protect our special places and reduce urban sprawl

Tourism Value

Parks attract tourism, which benefit local businesses
Visitors spend their vacation dollars in our community

Economic Impact

Companies locate themselves in communities with excellent park systems
Parks help businesses attract and retain quality employees
Parks increase real estate values

El Paso County Parks help bolster the local economy, increase tax revenue and provide jobs. With positive environmental impacts, reduction of natural burdens on local infrastructure, and appeal that brings in tourists, more residents, and growing companies, El Paso County Parks makes our county a better place to live and play.

Fountain Creek pond with Pikes Peak