Nature Camps at Bear Creek and Fountain Creek Nature Center

It may look like just fun and games, but deep connections to the environment are made minute by minute at Nature Center Nature Camps. Through daily outdoor activities, songs, games, crafts, hikes, and embracing children’s universal passions to build forts, sneak, and play unstructured in the woods, nature campers connect to the outdoors, and science naturally comes along for the ride. Camps are designed for children entering 1st-5th grades and a special middle school camp week at Bear Creek and Fountain Creek Nature Centers for students entering 6-8th grades.

Nature Camp Testimonials from Camper Parents

I can’t tell you what a lifesaver camp was for my son this year. He was getting very depressed by not being able to do things with other people and see friends. Thanks to the safety precautions put in place we felt comfortable sending him to camp and this week has been such a benefit to his mental health.”

“Our children attended summer camps at both Bear Creek Nature Center and Fountain Creek Nature Center. The experience was so positive at both centers. Summer camps not only helped my children to understand about the flora and fauna of Colorado, but also encouraged them through daily experiences to learn how to quietly experience the most intangible wonders of the outdoors.”

“Nature camp was an amazing experience for Jada this summer. She is eager to attend camp again, to learn more about the great parts of nature. She has also been talking and teaching her brother and even parents about the things she has learned. Jada loved the staff, even the teenage volunteers. Nature camp has made Jada more aware of what is actually happening, right in front of her. Thank you.”

Nature Camp in Action!

2022 Bear Creek Nature Camp Dates

Bear Creek Nature Center
Full Day Camp:
$140 per member child
$150 per non member child

Middle School Full Day Camp
$150 per member child
$160 per nonmember child

Half-Day Camp:
$100 per member child
$110 per non member child

Discounts and scholarships available

2022 Fountain Creek Nature Camp Dates

Fountain Creek Nature Center
Full Day Camp
9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.
$140 per member child
$150 per non member child

Fox Run Camp at Fox Run Park
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
$100 per member child
$110 per non member

Discounts and scholarships available