While we all do our part to practice physical distancing at this time, please enjoy some educational videos and other resources from Bear Creek and Fountain Creek Nature Centers staff that will help connect you and your family to the natural world!


Days of Our Hives: Who’s Who in the Hive
Days of Our Hives: She Works Hard for the Honey
Days of Our Hives: The Waggle Dance
Feeding Hummingbirds
Mini Hike Movie
Fountain Creek Garter Snakes
Suet Visitors
Turtle Storytelling
Clear Spring Ranch
Bird Beak Adaptations
Bird Buffet Puppet Show
Draw a Bird Golden Crowned Kinglet
Colors of Nature Hike with Ms Nancy
Tree ID with Ellie
DIY Suet with Jessica
About the Trout Intro
Trout Life Cycle Puppet Show
Fountain Creek Nature Center Audio Tour
First Find of the Season at Bear Creek
New Santa Fe Trail & Ponderosa Pines
Cooper’s Hawks
Ms Nancy’s Backyard Magic Spot
Using Owl Eyes in Your Magic Spot
Nature Journaling in Your Magic Spot
Backyard Mapping Adventure
How to Make Spring Flowers Craft
Western Meadowlark


The ABC's of Bear Creek / Can you find something out of the trails that starts with one of the letters below? You can use this space to draw what you find! Spaces for letters A-Z

My Nature Journal ABC’s of Bear Creek

My Nature Journal: Bear Creek’s Other Half

A map of Bear Creek Regional Park West is shown with colorful "X"s. The bottom reads "Bear Creek Nature Center's Treasure Map. X marks the spot! Follow the clues to find the natural treasures of Bear Creek. Can you find them all?"

Bear Creek Nature Center Natural Treasure Map

Family Outdoor Activity Passport

"Bear Creek Nature Center Nature's Scavenger Hunt Can you find the following objects as you explore Bear Creek's trails? Share your adventure with #BearCreekNatureCenter. Smooth Rock, Rough Rock, Chickadee, Fox Squirrel or Rock Squirrel, Spotted Towhee, Ponderosa Pine Tree, Gamble Oak Leaf with accompanying pictures.

Bear Creek Nature Center Scavenger Hunt

Who’s Who in the Hive Worksheet

Guide to Common Trees Bear Creek Nature Center

Guide to Tracks and Scat Bear Creek Nature Center

Fountain Creek Nature Center Junior Naturalist Booklet

Waggle Dance Hive Maze

Greenback Cutthroat Trout Coloring Page

Bird Beak Buffet Matching Sheet

Guide to Early Blooms in CO Springs

Fountain Creek Nature Center Audio Tour