El Paso County Open Spaces

El Paso County Open Space with a Tree

El Paso County is proud of its rich history in protecting open space lands.
For more information on open space properties in El Paso County, please call the Park Headquarters Office at (719) 520-7529.

The following properties are owned and maintained by El Paso County, but are currently not open to public use or offer public amenities.

  • Christian Open Space – 80 Acres
  • Falcon Vista Wetlands Open Space – 17 Acres
  • Forest Green Open Space – 15 Acres
  • Heritage Ranch Open Space – 13 Acres
  • Latigo Trails Open Space – 100 Acres
  • Paint Mines Open Space West – 236 Acres
  • Peyton Pines Open Space – 48 Acres
  • Schreder Open Space – 12 Acres

The following properties are open to the public.