The Community Outreach Division is responsible for Community Outreach Services, Grant Services, and Justice Services (Pretrial Services Program, Community Corrections Program, and Useful Public Service.)

Grant Services is dedicated to assisting County staff through advocating, seeking, developing, securing and managing grants.


For additional information, please contact:
Christine Burns, Division Manager
Community Outreach Division
El Paso County Community Services Department
2002 Creek Crossing
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Phone: 719-520-6996

Community Outreach Division

Christine Burns
Division Manager
(719) 520-6996

Community Outreach

Dana Nordstrom
Community Outreach Coordinator
(719) 520-6983

Pretrial Services

Dawn Montoya
PR Bond Commissioner
(719) 390-2061

Audra Boileau
PR Bond Commissioner
(719) 390-2100

Pretrial Fax:
(719) 390-2114

Community Corrections

Scot Smith
Community Corrections Supervisor
(719) 520-6987

Megan Neilus
Community Corrections Specialist
(719) 520-6795